Want To Know How to Remove Google Account From Redmi Note 7 Pro Smartphone? Well Today in This Article I’m Going to Tell You How you can Remove The Current Google Gmail Account from Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Phone Step-by-Step With Proper Screenshots, So That it will be easier for everyone.

No Matter you are using Any of Redmi Note series, This method Works on every Note series device.

First of All You Have to Understand Why You are Actually Want to remove the account and what is the problem?

Why You Are Removing The Account?

Here are some common issues that every Mi Smartphone users face.

1. Play Store Access Error: Sometimes Google Account Dose’t Work on Google Play Store, in That case, you can simply remove the old Gmail account and can log in with a new one to solve this issue.

2. Password Forgotten: This is also a very common mistake that many smartphones have done, however you can also use this method to remove the account properly.

3. Lock Verification: This a very critical issue! it happens when a smartphone got Factory Data reset and forget both mi Account and Google Account’s Login Details. If This happening with you then I would like to suggest you to flash your Redmi phone with Custom ROM.

Guide to Remove Google Account From Redmi Note Device

#Step1 – Open Your Redmi Device then Go To Settings>Sync.

Step 1 Go To Settings

#Step2 – Then Click on Google and on The Next Screen Click on The three dot means More Button.

Step 2 Click on google and More-min

#Step3 – Now Click on Remove Account on The Next Step it will Ask You Again and You have to click on the same.

Step 3 Click on Remove Account-min

#Step4 – Now Click on OK and You will automatically come to the Sync Menu, From Here You can Now add another new Google Account by Clicking on Add Account Button.

Step 4 Click on Ok and Add Acount-min

#Step5 – Now Click on Google and on the next Screen Enter your Existing Email ID or You can Create a new one from Create Account Button Below.

Step 5 Click on Google and Add a New Account-min

That’s It Now You Have Successfully Remove The Old Google Account from Your Redmi Device by a New Google Account.

Last Word

I Hope you got the right Tutorial Solution for your Problem, Please Let Us Know in the Comment Box Below if you face any Issue regarding this.

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